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PS Audio
October 6, 2017

PS Audio P20 – Coming Soon (Early 2018) Available Now

Here's what we know so far..."It is bigger AND better with new technology inside and half again as low output impedance. Should be killer." says Paul McGowan. It has a new display with clearer representations of incoming vs outgoing distortion, with new graphics that make it easier to wrap your…
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September 28, 2017

Stereophile Report: PS Audio Recommended More Than Any Other Manufacturer

What's remarkable about the October issue of Stereophile is not just the fantastic full reviews of our DirectStream Memory Player and our latest DirectStream DAC firmware. What's remarkable is the fact that PS Audio has more components listed in the 2017 Stereophile Recommended Components list than any other manufacturer. Even…
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September 7, 2017

Positive Feedback review PS Audio’s Stellar GainCell DAC

Positive Feedback have published an outstanding review of PS Audio's new Stellar GainCell DAC "This unit is not merely a DAC with a volume control: it's the ideal analog preamplifier, and the fact that it includes PS Audio's idea of trickle-down engineering in the form of an affordable, nearly world-class,…
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PS Audio
August 31, 2017

PS Audio Stellar & Live Music by Mary Webb at Cartlton Audio Visual

Mike Kirkham of Magenta Audio, and Carlton Audio Visual organised a night of audio delight to showcase PS Audio's new range of products, 'Stellar'. Accompanied with a stunning live performance by singer/songwriter Mary Webb and some decidedly musical audiophile recordings attendants were impressed and moved by what they heard. The…
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August 15, 2017

Amphion Loudspeakers – A great insight into a superb brand

Amphion owner Anssi Hyvönen and chief designer Martin Kantola talk about the technologies that make their speakers unique -- and why they're suitable for use in studios and homes. Amphion was founded in 1998 and has its main factory in Kuopio, Finland.
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