EAT 312 12" Tonearm

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Product Description

The EAT-312 is a 12″, heavy aluminium tube tonearm with a low resonance and SME-type cartridge connection. The EAT-312 tonearm actually comes out of the famous classic OLD Ortofon Studio tonearm, which was mainly used for Ortofon Spu cartridges.

The EAT-312 features a ball bearing, dynamic stylus pressure spring, a huge counterweight (allowing 0-7g tracking force), adjustable height, a standard 5-pin DIN connector and the wire from the bottom of the tonearm base. The effective mass is 5g without the shell, the effective length 329mm.

The EAT-312 has no anti-skating adjustment or rather preadjusted anti-skating is in-built. That’s sufficient for majority of cartridges that go with it, such as heavy Ortofon SPUs but also for somewhat lighter carts. When the tracking force is beyond 2,5 grams, it’s arguable that anti-skating loses its importance.