Hi-Fi Racks Limited Podium Slimline

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Product Description

(The Picture shows a 3 & 4 tier rack but you can have as many tiers as you like. The price is proportionate, just let us know your requirements)


The Podium Slimline is the latest addition to Hi Fi Racks’ flagship Podium range

The Slimline shares many features with the multi award-winning Podium Reference, but it’s different in two very important ways: The Podium Slimline is the first ever Hi Fi Racks product to be sold in one box as a four tier rack, although other options are available, as you’d expect from Hi Fi Racks. See below for details of what you get in the box. No compromise on quality

You’ll find all the hallmarks of Hi Fi Racks quality in the Podium Slimline. Each product is individually handmade in solid oak to the highest standards of British craftsmanship. There’s a choice of six hardwood finishes: Solid Oak, Black, White, Cherry and Mahogany. All these finishes are available as a complete rack or as a combination of legs and plinth (black legs are a popular option).

Here’s what you get in the pack (4 Tier version):

  • 3 x Slimline mid-tier Podium shelves in solid oak (available in a choice of 6 finishes)
  • 1 x Slimline top-tier Podium shelf in solid oak (available in a choice of 6 finishes)
  • 4 x black isolation spikes for base level
  • 16 x removable legs for future upgradability
  • Assembly instructions
  • 1st tier (base legs) 50mm
  • 2nd tier 200mm (opening)
  • 3rd tier 150mm (opening)
  • 4th tier 150mm (opening)

Dont forget you can have any height leg for no extra cost! Vital statistics

  • External width: 567mm
  • Internal width: 483mm
  • External depth: 400mm
  • Internal depth: 400mm
One size doesn’t have to fit all

As always with Hi Fi Racks, you don’t have to stick with the standard size. The Podium Slimline can be made to the dimensions of your choice, and all racks are modular so they can be expanded as your systems grow over time.

Podium Slimline key features:
  • Complete, four tier rack available ‘off the shelf’
  • Despatched in kit form for easy home assembly
  • Individually handmade in solid oak
  • Choice of six finishes: Solid Oak, Black, White, Cherry, Walnut and Mahogany.
  • Modular construction enables future expansion
  • Isolation and decoupling spikes for the base level included in pack
  • Leg height can be adjusted at a later date
  • Custom sizes available – contact us to discuss your requirements

Standard sizes: (custom shelf size available upon request)

  • 567mm x 400mm (D) external per tier
  • 795mm x 400mm (D) external per tier
  • 995mm x 400mm (D) external per tier
  • 1134mm x 400mm (D) external per tier
  • (Max Width 1300mm)

Standard heights: (custom shelf height available upon request, each shelf / tier can be different height with standard heights or custom)

  • (Standard Heights: 65, 85, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250mm)
    (Min 65mm)


  • Choose how many tiers. Up to 9 may be built to order.