Palmer 2.5 Turntable – Complete with Audio Origami Tone Arm

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Product Description

It is not really appropriate to break down a palmer turntable to its specification in as much as they are all holistic designs. for instance, I would suggest that the drive system is not simply an appropriate motor, but the motor, housing, belt, pulley, platter, plinth, mat, main bearing etc as all these items have to combine harmoniously to realise the results I am looking for.

The Palmer 2.5 is the latest turntable from palmer audio.

I use AC synchronous motors which may be somewhat unfashionable these days AC motors are used to accurately power clocks and medical equipment, surely a fine indication that they are very good timekeepers. They rely solely upon the frequency that they are provided with and cannot deviate from that.

A DC motor needs a feedback loop to tell it to either go faster or slow down. However, it can only be told to do this once the error has occurred and so may be in a constant state of change however small

We supply only the amount of power required to maintain the constant stable rotation of the high mass platter. Anything more than this is simply “noise”

Like a fine watch movement, it is a delicate balance that provides a state of harmony between the drag and inertia.

Starting a palmer turntable requires you to interact with it, much like winding a mechanical watch It soon becomes second nature to spin the platter with just the right amount of force so that it is running to speed instantly.

So then, an Holistic approach to turntable design, every component is considered in how interacts with its neighbour so that the sum of the parts is exceeded by the whole.

The Audio Origami PU7 Tone Arm

audio-origami-tone armThese arms are hand made exactly to your spec!! The pu7 arm is available in any colour or length and it has a linn or rega base fitting.

The arm tube is foam damped.Adjustable height and azimuth.The effective mass can be tuned to your selection of cartridges approx. 11 – 20 grams.The arm lengths can be 9 or 12inch depending on what you want.The 4 ball races are extremely high quality units.There are 2 types of bell housing and arm tubes available, brass or alloy.