VPI Aries 3D turntable


New for 2014 with 3D printe tonearm, 2″alum platter, ring and centre clamp.

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Product Description

The VPI Aries 3 is the ultimate revision of the Aries! The platter and bearing are sourced from the HR-X, the chassis is modeled after the Triple-Plinth Design of the HR-X making the Aries 3 the best looking Aries to date! With a 5/8” thick layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of 5/8” acrylic, the Aries 3 is very quiet and exceptionally inert.

The big news:VPI’s new 12″ 3D Tonearm! The Aries 3D now also includes the HR-X centre weights and VPI periphery ring to keep your records flat and perfectly coupled to the platter.

The platter has changed from the previous 1.75″ acrylic, to the 2″ aluminium as per the Classic, and incorporates an inverted bearing similar to that used in the HR-X. The bearing shaft is 60 Rockwell hardness, ground and polished, while the platter rotates on a Teflon/Delrin composite thrust plate for ultra low noise.

The solid black aluminum motor assembly weighs in at almost 15 pounds and contains a low noise, 300-RPM Synchronous Motor with Delrin motor pulley. This is a very low noise system with a motor fundamental resonance of 5 Hertz, well below the resonance of any phono cartridge.

For improved stability and damping, the Aries 3 chassis is made from a sandwich of 2 layers or 5/8” polished black acrylic top and bottom with a 5/8” thick aluminum center section, exactly like the HR-X chassis design. This makes for a very inert, dead quiet, and extremely stable platform for the platter and tonearm to sit on. The plinth is supported by four aluminum cones, the bottoms of which are composed of hardened steel balls. The cone suspension provides outstanding rigidity and a wealth of information from the record grooves and are adjustable for leveling.


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