VPI – HR-X Turntable


The least expensive and best selling high end turntable in the world!

Stereophile Analog Product of the Year runner-up to a $100,000.00 turntable


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Product Description

The HR-X is known to reviewers and manufacturers around the world for it’s natural reproduction of scale and sweep, which are two of the things that make us feel like we are listening to live music. With world class detail, low noise, pace, and timing, the HR-X will bring the concert hall into your home. Best of all, it does this without fiddling, tweaking, or constant resetting.  The HR-X is a statement among belt drive turntables!  The drive system and the periphery clamp result in wow, flutter, and rumble that are all below measurability providing world class sound.

The VPI HR-X Features:

The Table:

The HR-X features a triple laminated chassis (Acrylic-Aluminum-Acrylic).

  • A periphery ring clamp centered by the platter, not the record, providing vacuum-like hold down without the problems inherent in a vacuum system.
  • Aluminum HR-X center weight.
  • The drive system uses two low-powered 24-pole motors driving a 12-pound flywheel.
  • The flywheel spins at 300 RPM and has 62 times the inertia of a 25 pound platter.
  • 20 pound 2 inch thick aluminum Classic platter with inverted bearing

The Tonearm:

JMW 12.7 Unipivot Tonearm with Discovery wire

  • Standard VPI JMW premium Tonearm mount
  • VTA (vertical tracking adjustment) on the fly
  • Precision adjustable counter weight
  • Adjustable Anti-skate
  • Optional secondary JMW 12.7 Unipivote Tonearm


The JMW 12.7 tonearm is bolted to the aluminum portion of the chassis with a double base mounting, providing the ultimate in rigidity and adjustability. The SDS power supply rounds out the package and provides a pure AC signal to the drive system.


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