Zu Audio Mission Phono Cable

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Mission Phono is specifically designed for stereo, phono-level balanced transmission and combines the Zu / Gore™ two-channel geometry with an overall high conductance shield to ensure pristine and perfectly matched propagation channels for your super sensitive phono-level music signals. Able to run very long lengths.

Zu Mission cables are simply better than competing cables, even many costing much more, and this is true across the Mission line. They sound better, they are built better, they are flexible and easy to work with, and they are made by Zu, in Ogden, Utah, USA. We have spent several years dialing this line in, trying everything we could get our hands on and anything we could think of to ensure we are leading the field, playing for second place just isn’t in our nature. And delivering honest playback, with an easy hand, with heavy bias on bang for your buck… it all adds up to Zu Mission.

Zu Mission Phono combines Zu and W.L. Gore® stereo differential transmission technologies and marries it with cutting edge manufacturing; the result is a phono-level stereo differential signal transmission that is virtually immune to RF and realizes less noise from your system.