Audion Super Sterling 150 Single Ended Amplifier

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From incredible professional and consumer out and out raves. From dealers who claim there’s no an amp below $10,000 USD that can compete with it. From the local snobbish 300B club who were slack jawed by its performance…The Super Sterling KT150, maybe the finest Single Ended KT150, easily gets our BEST in CLASS Award — TA


While the World’s first Single Ended KT120 has the sweetness of the EL34 with twice the punch of the KT88, the KT150 Single Ended pushes it further. More control, more defined and tighter top end, stronger dynamics.

The Audion Super Sterling 150 uses Tungsol KT150 pentode tubes the amp delivers approx. 25 watts into an 8 ohm load. Therefore, it has the power of competitors boasting 35-45W. The amp has been designed to work with lower efficiency loudspeakers from approx 86db and up.

Components of the Audion components:

  • Transformers and chokes are design and handmade by Audion: Mains, chokes and output transformers.
  • Superior quality parts sourced from Europe or the US. Even the capacitors are made to Audion’s exacting specifications.
  • Chassis’ are finished in-house which includes powder coating and electroplating to ensure quality.
  • Special voicing of Audion amplifiers requires every part be meticulously designed to meet their standards.
  • Every component is hand built usually point to point. Once burned in they listen again in case they are not satisfied before releasing each unit.