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We’ve learned as an industry over the 50+ years that high-end audio has been evolving is: that power we buy is none-too-reliable, and unfortunately far more often than not, very poor quality. The PS Audio Power Plant is an affordable reboot of that limitation – using the supplied power only to run, it provides a stable and near-perfect AC sine wave, freeing up your components to do their best work. It has been called the single most important piece of equipment in an A/V system. With a PS Audio Power Plant as the essential building block, your system will always be able to perform at its best.

At the PerfectWave Power Plant 10’s core, an internal high current analog amplifier produces ultra low distortion, ultra low output impedance, and highly regulated new AC power for connected equipment. Sine wave enhancement technologies from the P10 including MultiWave and CleanWave provide unparalleled control of the Power Plants for hands-on control settings for optimum performance, system specific. The PerfectWave Power Plant 10 delivers up to 1250 watts of continuous power and 70 amps of instantaneous current delivery.

Our new network technology on board provides unprecedented control and monitoring of all your connected devices.Automatically reboot routers, modems, and network devices when Internet dropouts occur. Schedule devices to power on and off automatically optimizing power consumption in your system. Receive emails automatically when power occurrences occur, as the PerfectWave Premier P10 is automatically reacting on it’s own; all made possible by PS connected technology and PS Audio’s unique Globalnet servers.

Once your system is powered by a P10 Power Plant all you or you need to do is go to the web through any web enabled device, including a Blackberry or iPhone, and access the P10’s control panel if you wish. From the P10’s control panel any connected equipment can be rebooted, turned on or off, or have its status checked. It’s that simple. The P10 will monitor your power line quality and report any problems to you through the web page, text alerts or emails sent anywhere you wish. It’s up to you. The P10’s real-time and on-line measurement system includes surges, voltage levels, power usage and power quality as measured by THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) on the line.


  • Regenerated AC power
  • Low distortion sine wave
  • 100 times lower output impedance
  • MultiWave and CleanWave
  • Quiet running no fans
  • Regulated AC
  • 1250 watt continuous output power
  • 70 amps peak power
  • THD analyzer
  • Real time oscilliscope
  • Touch screen
  • Variable output voltage
  • Web control for scheduling and reporting
  • Individual zone controls from front panel
  • Nano Crystalline filters
  • 10 Power Port Premier AC receptacles (US unit)
  • Solid copper delivery system


  • True dynamic voltage regulation
  • Better bass from equipment
  • Real isolation
  • Protection for everything connected
  • Lowers distortion by 10 times
  • Ultra low output impedance
  • Superior noise reduction
  • Delayed turn on for proper startup
  • Scheduling equipment shut down and turn on saves energy
  • Protect satellite or TV as well
  • Harmonic analyzer gives complete visibility of your power
  • Real time oscilliscope gives before and after results


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