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Zu Cube speakers have dimensional resolution, dynamics and the tone/texture envelope-stuffed. They are all about getting real tone and live-level sound into small spaces.

Our new ten inch co-axial driver is stuffed into the smallest possible cabinet and the combo redefines dynamic expression, dimensionally stable leading-edge resolution and tone-right high-fidelity playback for loudspeakers in and around this size.


What? Someone wants smaller? When was the last time a small set of desktop speakers started a party. Okay fine if you’re all about the Musak I can understand, but if you have found Zu we’re sure your music is NOT in the background.

If you prefer big full showers to sponge baths Cube is your new desktop speaker.

These are speakers that will last your lifetime and will sound good for the whole journey. Their one fault, they need a sub to really do bass-heavy music.

Cube Quick Specs

Height: 10.5” [26.7cm] Footprint: 10.5 x  10.5” [26.7 x 26.7cm] Weight: 27 pounds [12kg] each
Bandwidth: 80–22kHz
Efficiency: 98dB SPL 1W/1m
Impedance: 8 ohm
Power Amp Range: 1–150 watt
Made In Ogden, Utah—U.S.A.

Zu Nanotech High-Output Co-ax 10″ Full-Range Driver

The heart and soul of any great loudspeaker system is always the driver(s). And with Cube we’ve gone all out. Cube uses our new to-the-max co-ax driver—running full-range and totally filterless from bass through treble (12kHz). No coils, no nothin’, just an intimate connection of your amp to the driver. It shares much of the same engineering as our recently released high-output nanotech ten-inch full-ranger (developed for and first used on our flagship Dominance loudspeaker). The paper-cored nanotech cone yields a very well damped and extremely quick cone propagation velocity. This translates into a tone dense and resolving sound that is highly expressive of timbre and dynamic nuance. We also developed a massive and powerful motor complete with magnetically under-hung voice coil assembly to realize the full shove potential of all that high-strength magnetic sweetness. Getting all this high-output torque and horsepower transmitted into the cone has demanded a heavy cast aluminum basket, high damping surround and spider, a Mylar/ridged-paper former and high-tensile adhesives to tightly interface the nanotech cones.

Acoustic Technology

Pretty simple here, the cabinet is sealed.

Cabinet & Material Pallet

Cube is made from North American high density composite wood plate (Comp60), machined on state-of-the-art CNC mills. Cube uses real wood veneer layed-up and pressed at the plywood factory and not glued after assembly. This ensures your finish will not lift or warp, and it yields the flattest surfaces and tightest seams. For glue, it’s Titebond III, for the highest joint strength and a lifetime of unfailing, moisture-proof service.

Other Detials

Cubes’s hook-up wires are x-linked PE / low strand count pure copper conductors, terminated with Panduit disconnects that are high-pressure crimped in made-to-spec Panduit dies for the best sound and longest life. Binding posts are machined from a single piece of bar stock and the male disconnect tab is machined right into it. The tweeter’s high-pass is, by design, a simple, single component network, a single polypro’ capacitor. The coaxially mounted tweeter is substantial, and borrows some of the tricks developed by Radian, namely a PET damped aluminum alloy 1.7” dome and former.

Colors & Finish Options

Standard satin varnish offerings are: Ghost Black Maple  |  Blond Maple  |  Sangria Maple . And from time to time we do make a run in walnut. Other finishes are available through the Zu custom shop. Inquire for pricing.

The above standards are top coated by UV protecting premium grade conversion varnish. All finish work is done in Zu’s custom finish shop.

Zu Custom Shop

  • If you have an idea, we can probably make it happen
  • Custom gloss, matte, veneer available
  • Custom color anodized driver rings and tweeter lenses available
  • Inquire for pricing, options, and lead-time

Tips on Getting Great Sound From Cube

Cube loudspeakers get 600 hours of high-intensity factory burn-in to ensuring they will sound great within just a few days of play. Nevertheless, if they are transported in cold weather, they take longer to “warm up” and return to giving you their best.

Thanks for your interest, and please don’t hesitate to call or email, we love what we do and we are here to help.


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