Zu Audio Event Loudspeaker Cable

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Zu Event cables perform at the highest level without being obscenely expensive. And unlike most top-shelf cable offerings, Event is full of body, tone, texture, able to play your most real, blood and guts music, then turn around and illuminate to new levels your favorite jazz or orchestral recording.

Event cables were developed simultaneously with Zu Mission, and all that is right with Mission is to be found in Event, but with a level or refinement and top to bottom resolution and noise reduction that was simply not possible with the cost constraints imposed on Mission. If you are looking to improve your playback, and you are in love with the rest of your gear, consider Zu Event cables to take your rig to the next level of realism, a few steps closer to true presence of tone and nuance of detail. Zu Event loudspeaker cables build upon Zu’s B3™ cable technology and combines the right balance of PTFE and PE dielectrics and silver and copper metallurgy within discrete circuits.