Zu Mission RCA Mk.II-A Interconnect Cable

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Revision-A features classic hollow-pin SwitchCraft RCA plugs which we cold forge terminate and pot. The connectors while humbly priced sound fantastic and are build to last a lifetime.

Revision-B features the WBT-0114 nextgen™ plugs, a product we believe to be the best compliment to Mission RCA Mk.II and your sounds sound but the price of these plugs is significant. The best is usually worth it. Undecided? Get both and compare for yourself, our 60-day satisfaction guaranty is liberal, we want you happy and we want you to get the most from your system and your hard earned money.

The Mk.II-A version is the same as the much more expensive Mk.II-B featuring the exact same cable. The part were we save the cash on is only the connecter, but even so the SwtichCraft hollow-pin RCA sound sweet especially as we use a high pressure crimp and use a nominal amount of solder for the connection.  And in keeping with the cool vintage look of this classic RCA plug we custom color code the right channel with epoxy based filler in the cross-hatch—way better looking than a band of red shrink tube.

The WBT nextgen™ RCA plugs contribute to Mission Mk.II cables performance in the following ways. Both signal and ground contacts are made from pure copper and not turned from brass. The pure copper, single piece contacts are then directly gold plated to ensure a lifetime of consistent maintenance free performance. This single piece pure material methodology yields higher conductance measures and lower noise, improving detail without any spectral imbalances or treble forwardness. Also, the bulk of the dielectric material used in supporting the contacts is Teflon for the lowest possible signal loss through the plug section of the connector interface. The connector, like all WBT designs, is extremely well engineered and designed to last. And combined with our precision, well engineered termination and full epoxy/graphite matrix potting the connector and connector/cable termination perform even better and will last your lifetime without giving you a single problem.

We have tried about every top-level RCA on the market for fitment on the new Mission Mk.II (including making several of our own) and the WBT nextgen™ has stood out as the most natural sounding and most fully engineered. Added to the termination of the WBT nextgen™ RCA is a external rubber strain relief, a detail that safeguards the lead-in cable from excessive bend radius and breakage and allows for full potting of the connector housing assembly.

Still undecided? Again, just take us up on the two month return privilege and try ‘em both and know.


  • Your choice of connectors to maximize your performance to cash relationship.
  • SwitchCraft classic hollow-pin RCA for next to best sound while saving a ton of cash and getting a sweet vintage looking cable.
  • WBT nextgen™ 0114 copper RCA plugs for as good as it gets termination of Mission Mk.II cable and interconnection of your audio gear.
  • Graphite loaded epoxy potting hermetically seals the termination of wire and connector and improves ESD performance and reduces the unavoidable EM reflections lowering the standing-wave ratio (SWR).
  • Zu/Gore®-Quad shared dielectric dual signal bonded cable geometry for low electromagnetic interference susceptibility and guaranteed near perfect left/right measures and behavior. This ensures the highest level of stereophonic realism.
  • Dense electric and magnetic signature, as well as the cables physical dimensions, further guard against RF and audiogenic noise and allow for small and easy handling quality.
  • The very low, uniform and square reactance (Cp and Ls) of Mission RCA Mk.II facilitates very long runs without bandwidth loss or phase issues.
  • Uniform impedance characteristics of Mission RCA Mk.II reduce standing waves and contribute to the stable propagation of intelligence in short or long runs.
  • Zu Mission RCA has no DC offset like in coax designs and features perfect symmetry between left and right channels. As mentioned, this identical relationship between channels guarantees the highest possible recreation of dimension, stereo, density, and tone.
  • Mission RCA also has a reduction of the critical Cp measures, 40% less compared to coax with the same conductance measures.
  • Virgin white Teflon® insulation with identical electrodynamic relationships provide a very low dielectric constant and exceptionally low dissipation factor—features that improve bandwidth, phase relations, and overall musical resolution. (Our competition uses wires insulated with different colors and usually PE or PVC, products which are a much greater impediment to fidelity compared to Teflon. While you wouldn’t think so, each color and pigment has it’s own influence on sound which brings about subtle shading and differences in net tone as well as tone between left and right channels. So why doesn’t Zu’s competition follow our lead? Because it’s hard and you have to train your people to a much higher standard.)
  • Made by us in Ogden, Utah.


Zu Mission RCA Mk.II cable will require a fair amount of use before it’s fully burned in, roughly 400 hours. We do not recommend any burn-in devices or special recordings. We do recommend music you enjoy, preferably upbeat full spectrum recordings: rock, roots, full orchestra, big band… and if you would like us to burn this cable in for you we’d be happy to, but there is a small non-refundable charge and four week delay.

Available Lengths:

0.7 m (27 in)
1.0 m (39 in)
1.2 m (4 ft)
1.5 m (5 ft)
1.8 m (6 ft)
2.4 m (8 ft)
3.1 m (10 ft)
3.7 m (12 ft)
4.6 m (15 ft)
5.5 m (18 ft)
6.1 m (20 ft)
7.6 m (25 ft)
9.1 m (30 ft)