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Scandinavian Sound – sound in its original, natural, purest form

Founded by engineer Lars Engström and industrial designer Timo Engström in 2008, Engström is a small Swedish family company. We believe that music should be enjoyed through pure & natural sound. We think of our amplifiers as musical instruments, rather than tech gadgets.

"The rarity, price and domestic impracticality of these amps means few will ever hear them. But the payback for all that is a presentation that's both captivating and enthralling, and seemingly designed to challenge all the old clichés about what valve amps do (and don't) do. If you do get the chance to hear them, you really should do so, for they sound every bit as glorious and unique as they look." - HiFi News

“The ARNE by Engström - a rare amplifier whose value exceeds its price by a wide margin. This is one of the top 5 amplifiers of my career regardless of price.”

Audio Exotics

The evening before listening I'd attended a live jazz gig with a quintet fronted by trumpet and sax, and the immediate impression the ARNE gave was of the same kind of live presence and immediacy, plus that sense of listening to real music. There's nothing artificial or 'show your working' going on here, and neither is there any impression of the stereotypical valve amp traits of the music being warmed over or glossed, nor any slightly noisy background to limit dynamics. Instead, the ARNE just delivers the music, purely and convincingly

HiFi News Oct 2022Engström ARNE Tube Amplifier

“The ARNE integrated quickly revealed its capabilities and, in particular, how closely related it is to the LARS mono-blocks.”

“On small group jazz, classical or acoustic pop, the ARNE is a remarkably musical and musically satisfying performer.”

“One area in which the ARNE really excels is vocal articulation and communication with the natural tonality and diction of familiar voices, whether singing or speaking, being quite remarkable.”

Roy Gregory, Hi-fi Plus

“ARNE holds everything together and in the right place, his wonderful natural tonality is beyond any doubt. But also his timing, his ability to transmit music with the greatest inner tension and to act with absolute confidence in every pitch.”

“As live as if you were there.”

“A no holds barred, rousing, intoxicating almost magical experience.”

Andreas Wenderoth, IMAGE-HIFI