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The Audion Difference:

Audion has gone to incredible lengths to ensure their original philosophy of delivering the finest sonics for the best value in every one of their products. Each product regularly beats others who prices are many times the cost. This value proposition has garnered Audion not only a loyal world wide customer base but countless awards over the years.

Audion winds their own transformers and does their own electroplating and powder coating. Not satisfied with the quality of outside suppliers, they do it all in house. They even have the ability to offer your customers personalized colored chassis from hundreds of colors.

Audion avoids using any Chinese parts in their products wherever possible. To maintain the best sonics. Instead they use European and American components.

Audion designs simple clean circuits with fewest components in the signal path to allow the music to flow with spectacular ease.

Audion never defaults to inferior tube types in their circuits. That includes the brands of tubes they supply stock with every unit. While others supply the cheapest Chinese or Russian tubes Audion uses the more expensive and better sounding Electro Harmonix or JJ tubes. Usually this is the first upgrade your customers have to budget for with other gear. Not so when they buy Audion.

Audion amps all have volume controls. In simple systems there is no need for a preamp. A very compelling offer to budget minded customers. Many people believe the best preamp is no preamp.

Finally all Audion products are hand made by artisans in Audion France’s factory which is just a short distance from the Bordeaux Region. Like fine wines, Audion takes the same care and pride as the surrounding wineries in producing timeless products enjoyed and revered worldwide.

Beware of Phony Watts: