Canor CD 1.10 Tube CD player / DAC

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CANOR CD 1.10 compact disc player is up to the task and offers much more!

Canor CD 1.10 - tube compact disc player / DA converter


  1. It operates also as an high-quality DAC
  2. It contains two converters (one for each channel) galvanically separated from the digital part
  3. The input transformer is oversized (low noise)


Product features

  • a tube DA converter / CD player
  • a standalone 24-bit / 192kHz DA converter for each channel
  • a high-quality CD drive with compact discs ejection bearing driving mechanism
  • PCB’s utilize our premium CMT ™ technology
  • super symmetrical passive filters optimized for the highest steepness
  • PCM 44.1 kHz – 192 kHz playback and DSD64, 128, 256