Canor Hyperion P1 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier

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Hyperion P1 is a brand new vacuum tube preamplifier of pure A-class with zero feedback designed and produced by CANOR.
It is considered a reference preamplifier of the CANOR brand.

Canor Hyperion P1 - Vacuum tube preamplifier of class-A


  1. Solid aluminium chassis – overall robustness and elimination of vibrations
  2. Zero global feedback – results in a sound that is more musical and realistic in numerous aspects
  3. Perfect filtration solution – specially designed power transformer


Product features

  • the attenuator is located in the special aluminium box (10 mm thick walls) which provides perfect shielding and thanks to the special design it also absorbs the vibrations.
  • the Hyperion P1 is a Class-A preamplifier and was designed to avoid ANY global feedback.
  • the attenuator, as well as the electronic part, are installed on anti-vibration pads (columns) which contributes to the overall elimination of vibrations.
  • the analogue part is separated from the power part by a solid aluminium wall (10 mm thick) which contributes to the elimination of interference.
  • the attenuator control is galvanically separated via optical drivers.