CFM Songbird High-end Series Speaker Cables (pair)




Songbird is CFM’s first high-end series, created using our core 3rd generation patented Optimised Shielding Plus OS+1 technology in the optimised single-layer shielding structure design and using a pure copper conductor.  It successfully maximizes the highest possible shielding effectiveness by using conventional single shielding layer structures in the audio cables. In comparison to ordinary single-layer shielding design audio cables on the market, each Songbird cable product exhibits exceptional soundstage, wide dynamic and frequency range extension capabilities and rich musicality.


Standard Length (m) 2.5, 3.0, 3.5
Body Diameter (mm) 14
Patented OS+ Technology OS+1
Electrical Conductor Pure Copper
Standard Termination Furutech 8.2mm Spade
Termination Option Cardas 7.7mm Spade, Cardas 9mm Spade, Oyaide Banana Plug