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DirectStream Junior (DSJ) enjoys the heritage, design genius of Ted Smith, and the artistry of PS Audio craftsmen at a more affordable price.

PS Audio’s product directive asked for similar architecture to DirectStream in a PerfectWave-like chassis, with the network Bridge built in and performance not less than 85% of the original. A tall order by any measure.

How do you get 85% of an instrument’s performance with 41% less to spend? The answer turns out to have a number; two years of hard work. The end result is DirectStream Junior.

Two years of work with PS Engineering, hundreds of hours in the listening room by designer Smith, PS Audio CEO Paul McGowan, and Arnie Nudell (founder of Infinity Loudspeakers), coupled with many more hours of tweaking, tuning and care, resulted in DirectStream Junior exceeding our best expectations.


DirectStream Junior is one of the finest audio instrument in the world today. That it includes a built-in Bridge II and is far more affordable than its progenitor, DirectStream, turns out to be a source of pride for the entire engineering team.

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