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Magenta Audio is proud to announce that we have been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor of the superb Kiseki phono cartridges. Available now.

I hold a unique, long-standing fondness for Coltrane Jazz and when I played The Master’s two-45rpm LPs from ORG (originally released by Atlantic), it was immediately apparent that the Kiseki PurpleHeart NS phono cartridge was allowing me to hear it as never before.”

“… the cliché “I was able to just sit back and enjoy the music” was never truer than when the Purple Heart was part of my analog playback system.”

“The Kiseki Purple Heart Moving Coil phono cartridge as reviewed here is the best six thousand dollar phono cartridge I’ve ever heard. But the Kiseki Purple Heart doesn’t cost six thousand dollars, it costs $3299 [USD] .”

“One of the best.”

“But all my findings in regard to the superiority of the Kiseki PurpleHeart were confirmed when I re-installed the PurpleHeart.”

Kiseki Purle Heart NS Reivew – Enjoy The Music