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DirectStream Power Plant 20

P20s are available and shipping now! PS Audio’s most impressive Power Plant is already making waves: 2000W of undiminished power provides enough juice for even the most demanding systems.

  • 2000 watts Continuous Load, 3600 watts Peak Load
  • 13 AU Outlets


DirectStream Power Plant 15

The Power Plant 15 is your replacement for the Power Plant 10. After 8 years producing the P10, PS Audio have totally re-designed the new P15 to include lower output impedance, higher capacitance, superior materials and construction, and a brand new touch screen and interface.

  • 1500 watts Continuous Load, 2000 watts Peak Load
  • 9 AU Outlets



DirectStream Power Plant 12

Just like its big brothers, the P12 has been redesigned from the ground up. Like all models of PS Audio’s new DirectStream Power Plants, they offer superior noise immunity, increased clarity and detail, and state-of-the-art control and protection.  

  • 1200 watts Continuous Load Output, 1800 watts Peak Load
  • 4 AU Outlets