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As much as I loved how the FR30 sounded, I just couldn’t physically fit them in my listening room. I have learnt from experience that you have to size the speaker for the room you have.

So I have been waiting for the release of the FR20. It employs the same drivers as the FR30 bigger brother – the same beautiful midrange and tweeter planar magnetic drivers, and 2 of the same custom bass drivers that has the speed and dynamics to match the planar magnetic drivers with such cohesion.

aspen FR20 Loudspeaker

The perfect size loudspeaker for any room

The ground-breaking aspen series of loudspeakers sets new standards for what is possible in home audio reproduction. Now, with the introduction of the smaller FR20, it is finally possible to bring the magic of aspens into more people’s homes.

The aspen loudspeaker series represents the culmination of 50 years of industry experience; learning in intimate detail what works and what does not; what it takes for a loudspeaker to disappear and leave only the magic of the music; designing a no-compromise phase-correct crossover; constructing a cabinet that does not color the sound; crafting a near-flat impedance curve for driving the speakers with any power amplifier, and when not even the most advanced driver manufacturer’s products are good enough to meet our exacting standards, designing woofers, radiators, tweeters, and midranges from scratch. In all respects, both the FR30 and FR20 will transcend your expectations of what it means to be called a reference loudspeaker.

No longer do you have to compromise.

Breathtaking to listen to, beautiful to behold, and compatible with any room size the aspen FR20 is a dream come true.




Designing and building a new loudspeaker is both the easiest and hardest engineering challenge in all of high-fidelity. On the one hand, anyone can go online and buy a few drivers and bang together a box to make decent sound. On the other hand, the most difficult task in all of high-performance audio is crafting a seamless phase-correct output from two or more driver technologies. Over nearly a century of loudspeaker designs, few models have ever achieved legendary status. The FR20 joins the ranks of a rare handful of true full-range speakers that can honestly cover the frequency range of 28Hz to beyond 20kHz with grace, dynamics, slam, and low distortion. What’s captured on the disc is exactly what you’ll hear with a greater resolution than most have ever experienced. Grace, beauty, PRaT, power, and a musicality that is rare amongst 6 figure offerings from other manufacturers await owners of the aspen FR20. That this speaker is financially within reach of many makes it a miracle.


Loudspeakers are part of the family. With their presence, they grace our homes and living areas by bringing the joy of music into our lives. Unlike the electronics that drive them, to perform their best most loudspeakers depend on proper placement and optimized room parameters. The aspen FR20, however, is designed to more easily fit into any living environment and perform at their best with a minimum of setup hassles and a maximum of options. While the FR20, like all high-performance speakers, appreciates some breathing room between them and the front wall, placement in the room for best performance is a snap. Using the included step-by-step guide and CD, setup, from unboxing to playing music, happens easily in a few short hours.