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Peter Gansterer who designs the beautifully crafted speakers at Vienna Acoustics is never content with the status quo. He has continued to refine and evolve his designs. The three latest speakers to benefit from his attention are the Haydn SE Signature, the Maestro Grand Reference and the Liszt Reference.


The Haydn SE Signature’s major visual upgrade is the new 1.1″ Vienna Acoustics designed hand coated silk dome driver, taken from the Beethoven Grand Symphony that was updated just over a year ago. The stealth front port has now been replaced with a dedicated rear port, designed for the larger tweeter. The dedicated crossover layout, with the copper circuit paths carefully arranged, takes into account the potential for sympathetic and parasitic interactions among crossover components that may inject unwanted noise and distortions while allowing for more direct and efficient transfer of signal to the drivers which leads to a greater level of detail and purity.

Don’t let the HAYDN SE SIGNATURE’s small size will fool you. Close your eyes and you may find yourself in front of a symphonic orchestra, in the crowd up front stage, or in an intimate piano bar.


The Maestro Grand Reference also benefits from Peter’s attention. In a home cinema system, the centre channel is the most important full-range speaker. You want the centre channel to lock in the dialogue in a precise manner and still create the full spectrum of frequencies, from the lowest depths of a V8 muscle car, timbre matched to the drivers of the front left and right speaker. The Maestro Grand Reference is that speaker, designed to match the Beethoven Baby Grand Reference and Concert Grand Reference speakers. It now shares the same 1.1″ Vienna Acoustic designed hand coated silk dome tweeter and the same and 6″Flat SpiderCone X4P woofers.


And last but not least, the new Liszt Reference raises the bar considerably, getting closer to the flagship Music Speakers. The new tweeter is a coaxial adaption of the super-tweeter employed in the flagship, while the woofer and midrange drivers have been upgraded to the Flat SpiderCone X4P design.

As with all Vienna Acoustics speaker systems, the LISZT REFERENCE is meticulously handcrafted to the highest standards of quality in Vienna, Austria, with each finished speaker matching the reference within 0.3 dB, to ensure the most effortless and natural performance from every speaker that leaves our factory.