CFM Beat Classic Series Phono Interconnect Cable (pair)




Through a series of precise calibration procedures, CFM’s Beat Classic Series has been specially designed to offer all audio and AV enthusiasts our most cost-effective, high-performing audio cable products. Created using our core 3rd generation patented Optimised Shielding Plus OS+1 technology with classic single layer shielding structure and a pure copper conductor, all Beat cables exhibit spectacular soundstage and exceptional tonal balance. They can greatly enhance your connectable audio components, unlocking their full potential in your audio system. Beat series in a nutshell represents a new generation of high-quality audio cable products with an ultra high cost performance.


Standard Length (m) 1.0, 1.5, 2.0
Body Diameter (mm) 11
Patented OS+ Technology OS+1
Electrical Conductor Pure Copper
Standard Termination Furutech RCA version (Ground cable: Not included, optional), Cardas DIN version included Ground Cable
Termination Option Not applicable