Pear Audio Odar Reference Turntable includes Reference Power Supply, 12-inch Cornet 3 Tonearm

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Building upon the solid foundation of the Kid Thomas, the Odar was created for the discerning analog lover who wants the very best. Featuring two armboards, capable of using either 10 or 12 inch arms, and delivered with a Cornet 2 12 inch tonearm, massive motor housing, massive 14 inch diameter platter, platform in the same solid wood material as the gorgeous plinth and a separate power supply – the Odar can deliver the musicality, a huge soundstage with staggering dynamics and incredible tape-like flow and timing.

The Odar turntable was awarded Best Sound at its world premiere at the Munich High-end show by The Absolute Sound, Enjoy The Music & AV Showrooms.

Best sound Munich 2019 – Enjoy the music

This room was sourced by either the world premiere of Slovenia-based Pear Audio Blue’s Odar turntable, with the 12-inch Pear Audio Blue Cornet 2 arm, and separate power supply & platform, fitted with a Top Wing ( I warned you, they were everywhere) Blue Dragon cartridge, using Great Britain’s Chord Symphonic phonostage, or the Chord Blu MK II transport and Chord Dave DAC.

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Absolute Sound Golden Ear 2022