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Article courtesy of stereonet

Vienna Acoustics Moves to Magenta Audio

Adelaide-based distributor Magenta Audio has informed us they have added Vienna Acoustics to its distribution portfolio.

Based out of Vienna, Austria (no surprises there!), the accomplished loudspeaker brand has often been praised for its beautiful cabinetry.  Combined with their superb sound, Vienna Acoustics utilise many proprietary technologies and are designed and built entirely in Europe.

Spearheaded by founder and designer Peter Gansterer, Vienna’s reference models feature a patented flat spidercone technology.

Mike Kirkham, Managing Director at Magenta Audio, told StereoNET:

It was a technology that Peter Gansterer had been thinking about and working on for a long time. It was years of Peter’s work that produced a driver that used a revolutionary flat cone. It was that lightweight cone, with the best mass-stiffness ratio in the industry, that led their flagship “THE MUSIC’s” truly remarkable sound.

Magenta Audio tells us this driver is created from a compound of several thermal plastic polymers as well as added glass fibres. This material composition offers both a considerable stiffness to mass ratio while also possessing the necessary self-silencing necessary to ensure a lack of colouration in sound reproduction. We are told the cone material itself is virtually silent, “eliminating the need for notch type filters in the cross-over.”

Vienna further explains this:

The goal is to eliminate the problem of cone resonances before they begin. Added to the special material composition is the new flat design, which further removes the sonic signature of the driver by eliminating the cone diffraction of the cone walls most often referred to as horn-loading. Through the process of concentrating on both physical construction or forming and with special quiet materials, we can achieve this new level of performance that is free of the normal mechanical limitations and resonances present in most conventional midrange cone designs.

Working in harmony with the flat driver, Vienna also implemented a special, handcrafted silk dome tweeter in its middle or pole location.
The end result is a coincident driver pairing “that is capable of reproducing the entire human vocal range and beyond, without any cross-over interference, particularly within the most critical human vocal range.

Available now, Vienna Acoustics’ prices range from $2,995 RRP for the Hayden Grande SE through to $50,000 RRP for the range-topping “The Music” in the Klimt Series. Dealer enquiries are welcome.