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You can believe the hype. Our first BHK customer’s are providing us with some outstanding feedback on the PS Audio BHK Amplifiers.

‘…….trying to describe what am experiencing right now – I will only use the same descriptions and adjectives that I have used in the past but these amplifiers are at a level outwith anything I have heard and or experienced ……. this is totally different, unique….  The Osiris sounds like a toy compared to these BHKs…! 

It is all down to the emotional levels.. As you rightly said, “The BHK’s drip emotion”.. actually, they flood emotion, because, I am swimming in it !!  Everything is just effortless.. There is “NO” aggression.. I mean zero aggression.. What noise floor ! The music leaps out of a black hole !  And: I keep playing the system far too loud because I think there is no volume…    Instruments breathe with a warmth, tone and clarity that I have only experienced at a live gig..  This is at the first 24 hours !!!! And in two days you tell me it really starts to open out ?? WOW !!!!!!!!’

Derek – BHK 300 Monoblock Customer