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Music. It’s all we do.

Hand-crafted, high-end home music reproduction systems designed, engineered and built by people that care: about lifestyle, music, the environment, quality, fairness and the trust we’ve earned over the last 40 years.


Latest PS Audio News

PS Audio

PS Audio Announce New Stellar M1200 Monoblock Amplifiers

PS Audio Stellar M1200 Monoblock Hybrid Amplifiers The M1200 began as the dream project of PS engineer, Darren Myers who wanted to build a power amplifier without bounds or compression on even the loudest of musical passages, yet equally at home reproducing the subtlest of details. Long hours of listening…
Tim Brierly
March 4, 2020
PS Audio

New PS Audio DirectStream Power Plants

DirectStream Power Plant 20 P20s are available and shipping now! PS Audio's most impressive Power Plant is already making waves: 2000W of undiminished power provides enough juice for even the most demanding systems. 2000 watts Continuous Load, 3600 watts Peak Load 13 AU Outlets   DirectStream Power Plant 15 The…
Tim Brierly
May 22, 2018
PS Audio

PS Audio P20 – Available Now

Here's what we know so far..."It is bigger AND better with new technology inside and half again as low output impedance. Should be killer." says Paul McGowan. It has a new display with clearer representations of incoming vs outgoing distortion, with new graphics that make it easier to wrap your…
Tim Brierly
October 6, 2017

PS Audio Sprout 100

A compact modern amplifier, for the modern home.


PS Audio Stellar Strata

Take Integrated up a notch with the incredible sounding Stellar Strata.



Watch the making of Stellar Phono

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